Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 There are billions of web pages on millions of websites competing for your readers’ attention. How will they find you?

Using specialized techniques and understanding how search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! find websites, we are able to get your website to show up whenever a potential customer is looking for what you offer.

For authors, publishers, literary agents, bookstores and libraries, you don’t want to spend all of your time learning to do SEO and then even more time actually making it work on your website.

At Bhoomi Digital Apps, we will do that work for you, helping you to get your website onto Page 1, the most important place to be on the Internet. Page 1, Position 1 on a Google search gets over 60% of hits. The first listing on Page 2 gets less than 10%. Let us help you be the Leader of the Pack!

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Get your website Search Engine Optimized and start making the sales!

The Top 10 Reasons You Need Bhoomi Digital Apps SEO Services:

1). Tools, knowledge and tactics to make SEO effective and efficient. –  Trying to do this on your own will distract you from what you need to be doing: selling books.

2). Time and commitment. – Great SEO services require a lot of time on every aspect of a website; we will give you that time.

3). Long-term results – Google’s Page One Ranking is not an overnight effort; it takes time. We will take of it for you.

4). Great content – Shakespeare probably wouldn’t have gotten himself a page one ranking. We know how to craft content to get you there.

5). Top ranking – Over 70% of all sales go to the Number One listing on Google. You need to there!

6). Product Awareness – We will learn about you and your offerings so that we can represent you as well as you would.

7). Cost of SEO services – Not only is Bhoomi Digital Apps less expensive than our competitors, but consider how much your time is                worth. We are a more cost effective option.

8). Great website design – Whether we created your original website or not, we will advise you on the elements that need to be changed to    help you get to the top of Google’s rankings.

9). There are no guarantees – You might spend months doing SEO for your website and not move at all. Because this is our specialty, we have a much higher likelihood of getting you the ranking you need.

10). Expertise – We are experts with SEO. We have done it hundreds of times. You can use our expertise to your advantage.

Basic – $199 USD / Month
Standard – $299 USD / Month
Professional  – $499 USD / Month
Keywords Optimized 7 12 20
Comprehensive On-site Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes
HTML Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Robots.txt Creation Yes Yes Yes
Sitemap.xml Creation Yes Yes Yes
Internal Links Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Title, Description, Keyword Up to 25 Pages Up to 40 Pages Up To 65 Pages
Google Analytics Setup Yes Yes Yes
Alt Tag Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Usability Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Content Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Link Building Activities Monthly Monthly Monthly
Major Directory Submissions 100 200 400
Press Releases Submission 10 15 25
Articles Submission 10 15 25
Social Bookmarks 150 250 450
Profile Link Building 25 45 80
Domain Retweets 25 45 80
Face book Likes 25 50 100
Pinterest Pinned 10 20 40
Digg Bookmarks 10 20 40
Delicious Bookmarks 10 20 40
Content Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Monthly Monthly Monthly
Face book Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Yes Yes Yes
LinkedIn Yes Yes Yes
Google+ Yes Yes Yes
Blogger Yes Yes Yes
Video File Submission Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Yes Yes Yes
Forum Posting Yes Yes Yes
Reports & Progress Submission
Effort / Activity Report Will be submitted semi monthly basis.
Ranking Report Will be submitted on Monthly basis.
Submission Report Will be submitted on Monthly basis.
Within 3rd Page Google Rank Estimate Minimum 6 Months


*Video Will be provided by client,

*Press release will be provided by client,

*Articles will be provided by client.

Without SEO, you are likely sitting alone, waiting for someone to visit you!

Let Bhoomi Digital Apps help to make you popular.

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