Mobile Application

Almost 50% of Internet searches happen on mobile devices.

You need a Bhoomi Digital App to make sure you are part of this revolution:

  • Be where your customers are all the time.
  • Allow for impulse buys.
  • Be there when your customers want to share your product.
  • Open a new selection of potential customers.
  • Get more bang for your marketing buck.
  • Let Google Play and the App Store do your marketing for you.
  • Open up new platforms for your products.

After the Internet itself, nothing has changed our world as much as the Smartphone and mobile apps.

At Bhoomi Digital Apps, we not only understand the importance of mobile applications, but we helped to create hundreds of them.

Everyday around the world, billions of people look at their phones or their tablets to search for the things that they want.

If you are not there, you are missing a huge segment of your audience.

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Let us help you create a mobile app that your customers will really use!

Global Mobile Application

There is massive growth every year in user base of Mobile Apps

We can help to transform your business titles, comics, fiction books and more, into easy to use mobile applications that your customers will love and return to every day.

At Bhoomi Digital Apps. We cover all major Smartphone platforms including;

  • Apps. Design & Development for iOs (iPhone / iPod Touch & iPad),
  • Apps. Design & Development for Android (Mobile & Tab),
  • Apps. Design & Development for BlackBerry,
  • Apps. Design & Development for Windows mobile.
We can create apps for every category and aspect of the book industry: 
  • Apps. For Books
  • Apps. For Utilities
  • Apps. For Photography
  • Apps. For Lifestyle
  • Apps. For Education
  • Apps. For Reference
  • Apps. For Business
  • Apps. For Magazines
  • Apps. For Healthcare & Fitness
  • Apps. For Interactive Learning
  • Apps. For Travel
  • Apps. For Sports

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Make it easy for Mobile Users to find you and enjoy your works!