News Stand Application

Newsstand lets you simply and easily delivers magazine and newspaper content, including free subscriptions, to iOS and Android users. Publish the latest issues of your magazines and newspapers directly with our latest NewsStand Application.

The difference between a Newsstand App and a regular App:

A Newsstand App will gain greater visibility in app searches since it will appear both in the regular App Store and in the Newsstand Store.

All iOS devices have a default app pre-installed, the Newsstand. Once a Newsstand App is downloaded it will be shown with its cover in the Newsstand. A regular App, that’s downloaded, is shown with the App icon outside the Newsstand.

Newsstand is, basically, a way of organizing and making it easier to find magazine apps. Don’t think of it as a stand-alone app that will arrange all your stuff and other apps instantly.

What’s most interesting about this application is its integration with the “Newsstand” section. Apple also opened up a new section on the App Store that is dedicated just to magazines and newspapers, and in which you can get any free magazine app in just a matter of seconds.

Advantages of News Stand Application:

Newsstand offers two major advantages.

Firstly, like a traditional newspaper stand, it keeps users’ preferred publications in the same place.

Secondly, apps are downloaded in the background, so they are ready for users when they switch on their devices in the morning.

These factors both make accessing apps through the Newsstand similar to a traditional news-reading experience; your papers are delivered to you in the morning, all in the same place. All this and the full benefits of new digital features. No wonder apps bought via Newsstand are doing well.