Typesetting is the final stage in crafting a client’s marketing message for international audiences.

Bhoomi Digital Apps has a large pool of experienced, skilled compositors well versed in using the latest versions of pagination software handling digital typesetting and composition of books and journals.

We typeset works with any kind of complexity: from one-color to four-color and can handle books in any of the following platforms

  • InDesign
  • LaTeX
  • 3B2

We have highly developed XML-First workflow in all these typesetting software, which helps us deliver XML files at the end of the process seamlessly. We have been supporting our customers to move more titles from non-XML workflow into XML-first approach helping them take advantage of XML by integrating multiple deliveries from a single source. 

We have the ability to handle manuscripts in any type of inputs.

  • MS Word
  • Application files
  • LaTeX
  • Hardcopy
  • XML

Our multi-tasking approach to typesetting gives us a competitive edge and allows the company to compete on all levels from processing straight text to complex math, medical, chemistry, legal and professional publications.

For an example children’s book would be apt for creative and fun typesetting as it needs to be pleasing to the eye; while a more formal typesetting is what’s required for publishing and trade books. And it’s this understanding of the field of publishing which allows us to deliver typesetting services according to your specified guidelines and what’s best for you.