iBook Store Conversion

Just as there are many languages spoken in the world, there are many languages that electronic books (ebooks) are distributed in. And just as any author who would like to expand their readership to the whole world needs to translate their book into other languages, an author who wants lots of digital books readers needs to translate their books into multiple formats.

The e-pub format is the language that is used for Apple’s devices, including the iPhone and iPad. It is the most popular format for ebooks, and Bhoomi Digital Apps. expert in converting your content in to ePub or iBook Store Compatible format. There are millions of readers and customers using these amazing devices. Ensuring that your book is available in epub is extremely important to making sure that as many people as possible read your work.

Apple also uses the Fixed Layout Format. This is an Apple exclusive format designed for use on Apple’s many devices. Bhoomi Digital Apps is able to convert your ebook into and out of the Fixed Layout Format as well.

Bhoomi Digital Apps can convert your files to .epub from any format:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Quark
  • Text file
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Printed books
  • Any other digital format     

Bhoomi Digital Apps has the expertise to make the conversion process for flawless and easy, we are expert in epub fixed layout conversion for iBook Store.

Because they specialize in services for the writing and publishing industry, no one understands the needs of authors, publishers and literary agents better.

For clients that have ongoing conversion service needs, Bhoomi offers monthly retainers that allow a company to have an assigned Bhoomi representative and to have a dedicated team that handles their conversion.

Bhoomi Digital Apps is the only choice for epub fixed layout conversion for iBook Store –

  • 360-degree device and functionality testing
  • Cost effective and competitive rates
  • Digital conversion with human reviews
  • Fast turnaround
  • Total scalability
  • Large volumes are no problem

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