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Bhoomi Digital Apps was founded in India in 2013. MAT Consultants, an Indian computer programming and content creation company, created Bhoomi Digital Apps especially to focus on the needs of book authors, publishers, booksellers, libraries, and literary agents as well as other associated with the emerging digital publishing industry.

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Bhoomi Digital Apps believes that the digital book publishing industry, from conversion to various digital platforms to marketing to selling, should be one seamless system. Bhoomi Digital Apps has created a system that takes a written work from initial digital publication to promotion to sales, even to lending from a digital library. This system takes care of the needs of every person or group along the way.

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The objective of the Bhoomi Digital Apps system is to create a single system that can guide a book from publication to the reader, without difficulty and hassle. All Bhoomi Digital Apps programs and offerings are designed to be affordable and powerful.



Why Choose Us

  • Experienced specialists in the book publishing, promoting and selling industry,
  • Committed to personalized customer service,
  • Customized solutions to meet every client’s needs and wants ,
  • Honest and affordable pricing ,
  • Customer-oriented technical support,
  • Total book sales and promotions solutions
  • What You Say?

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